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Yamaha NP-S2000

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I still have this beauty and i am now able to stream music to it with streaming services ( Google Music or Qobuz, i have not tested TIDAL ) from my smartphone ( with Bubble UPnP app on Android ).


Tested multiple album on Qobuz, no trouble ( FLAC 16/44 )





If anyone still use it, what is your impression after several years of use? Thanks
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Hi Cédric,


What about the scourge of these early/first generation UPnP streamers - does the NP-S2000 support gapless playback?

Both with third party gapless supporting UPnP/DLNA control points (eg, the excellent BubbleUPnP Android app you mentioned), as well as with its own app/remote control/buttons on the box?



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Hello John,


A few years ago, i gave up on Gapless... too much things to check ( the software used to "make" the track if coming from CD, the NAS or computer, the software playing, the streamer setting ) and was not really able to have perfect gapless.


I will try to make a new test soon. But i can tell you that with Bubble UPnP, streaming Qobuz on the Np-S2000, i do not have gapless ( even though i have check gapless on NP-S2000 and Bubble and Qobuz... )



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