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DAC/Pre-amplifier with native DSD playback

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My system comprises of Bryston BDA-1 DAC, BP-26 pre-amp, a 4bSST2 power-amp and Harbeth HL5 speakers. My Onkyo network receiver front L and R pre-outputs are connected to the BP-26 and that gives me better front end sound quality when watching films. I would like to improve my setup by replacing my BDA-1 and my BP-26 with a good DAC/preamp that plays native DSD/has digital and analogue inputs including an AV input. The Naim NAS-N 272 does all that, sort of, but I am not a fan of Naim. Can anyone recommend a DAC/pre-amp that fits my brief? Thanks!

Custom built silent Media PC, Synology DS415+ NAS -> SoTM sms200Ultra/sps500  -> TAD DA1000 DAC/preamp and Bryston 4BSST2 power amp -> Harbeth SHL5 speakers and Velodyne DD10+ subwoofers. PowerQuest Carbon USB cable, Chord Company Chorus interconnects, Chord Company Signature speaker leads, Clearer Audio Silver-Line power leads

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The Antelope Zodiac Platinum is a nice unit. It's been a while since I have heard one, but 9 months ago it was fully competive with the E20/E22


the AZP accepts up to DSD128 native, but not DSD 256. The AZP has an option where it internally upsamples to DSD256 and to my old ears the sound is in the same sonic class as the Exasound's doing DSD256 native


the volume control is clearly well implemented


i have yet to hear the AZP with the optional external clock, and I have not done any serious listening of it playing an analog source


Build quality is A class

Sound Test, Monaco

Consultant to Sound Galleries Monaco, and Taiko Audio Holland

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