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  1. Those of you who own the TDAI 3400, does it stream music from a NAS drive via ethernet?
  2. Hi folks. I posted a query in the DAC forum regarding my sms 200 ultra & TAD DA-1000 DAC combo. The query was regarding my TAD DA-1000 My TAD DA-1000 DAC makes a clicking sound just before music starts and just after it stops. I got some helpful feedback from a couple of TAD owners who let me know that their units also do this so this isn't a fault. One user suggested a solution, he proposed that the clicking can be eliminated by applying a time delay within the renderer setting (his was an Aurender N100). The delay is set according to the time the DAC take to switch to the new sampling rate when changing songs in the music server which will eliminate the clicking, see below the Aurender N100 settings. Is it possible to set the sms 200 ultra to apply this delay as well?
  3. Am i really the only owner around this forum?
  4. The TDAI 3400 is shipping in the UK as of yesterday.
  5. Thanks alandbush. I had a look and the miniDSP Dirac Live Series maximum resolution is 24-bit, 96kHz. I have quite a lot of 24-bit, 192kHz and DSD music files which the DDRC would have to down-sample to process. Is that right?
  6. Why don't you decide on a budget, look for a highly rated DAC within that price range and have a listen. If you think that it gives you better sound quality then upgrade, if the difference is worth the outlay
  7. I have a specific question about the TAD DA-1000 DAC. Please send a PM if you have this DAC in your set-up. Many thanks
  8. I wonder if you knowledgeable people can offer advice on how to best implement Dirac Live in my system. To my ears my system sounds fantastic but room correction is likely to improve it further. The system performance when running the music via the PC usb port to the DAC is inferior compared to when I use the sms200 ultra/sps500 combo as a front-end. So running Dirac live on my PC might improve sound quality in some respects but will also be a step backwards. And as far as I am aware it isn't possible to incorporate Dirac Live when using the sms200 ultra/sps500 as a front-end. So what options do I have? Should I look into adding a bit of hardware that runs Dirac to my system? I am not familiar with the options so hard to know where to start. Apologies for the newbe question. If you have any set-up suggestions that I haven't considered than please share.
  9. Thanks ted_b. Is the sq better with hqp better then Jriver?
  10. I agree completely with your last point jimm2. As for ease of use, both AVE plusses and minuses, it's a matter of taste isn't it? I find that the jremote android app is more user friendly than roon's. I have a very large number of albums and scrawling through with the roon album list is virtually pointless. After scrawling down for two minutes I finally get to albums starting with the letter B. In my experience, the jremote allows the user to scroll down a lot quicker with the scroll bar.
  11. In your experience is Jriver sq better than roon? In my setup, roon default volume is louder than Jriver (is it just me?) so hard to compare
  12. My roon trial is about to end so I looked at thier pricing. A license for a year is $119! I've got Jriver v21 from before and upgrading to v23 wound cost circa $30 but that's a one off cost. I'm not too fussed about the artist info etc that roon offers and so I was wondering what the advantages of using roon over using jriver might be? Any thoughts?
  13. A newbie question, so apologies if it's a distraction. What's the benefit of paying music on Jriver to hqp?
  14. I've been listening to the sms200ultra and the sps500 for a couple of weeks. I perceived a number of improvements when running my music via the SoTM pair compared with music performance of my audiophile PC standard usb port . I noticed an increase in clarity particularly at high frequencies. The bass sounds tighter also and the stereo imaging appears better. BUT then I ran some blind comparisons with the help of my lovely partner. Here is what we did. We repeated this on two occasions on different days. Each of us played two tracks for the other 1. Peter Gabriel's Boy in a bubble and 2. Leonard Cohen's Banjo . Initially, I played for my partner track 1 four times or 'takes' with random changes between the SoTM and the standard usb devices and then did the same with track two. Then my partner repeated this procedure for me. I was very surprised at the results. Both my partner and i identified the best sounding 'take' as the ones played with the SoTM pair. However, both of us also thought that another 'take' sounded as good but that take was played via the audiophile PC usb port. It is fair to say that neither of us could reliably or easily tell the difference in quality between the two. When listening blind the differences that sounded distinct when we knew which usb device we were listening to seemed a lot less clear cut. What people think about this? Would anyone we willing to replicate this experiment and report their impressions?
  15. Thanks firedog. Funnily enough this is what JimH suggested on the Jriver support forum but unfortunately i struggled and struggled and couldn't make it work. The sms200 just didn't show under 'playing now'. His suggestions were really unhelpful so i gave up. A day later the sms200 appeared. I have been dragging one album at a time to play it through the sms200. Is that the only way of doing it or can i get my whole library available to play with the sms200 as i would normally?
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