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  1. I came across a post on jriver support sating that "MC's internal volume is done in a 64 bit lossless domain. So there should be no real "degradation" of the signal; it's about as good as it gets for digital volume control." Do you hear a difference when controlling the volume from jriver with software mixer on vs when it is off and volume is controlled via your pre-amp?
  2. That makes sense. Thanks! How did you notice DSD changes to PCM when volume less than max? Does your DAC display this? May i ask what configuration do you use with your sms200 if not MPD?
  3. Hey stefano. I could control the volume on the DA1000 but I have my av receiver pre-outs also connected to the DA1000 using a small ADC. I do it this way to combine my AV and music systems to use the same set of front L/R speakers for TV/films and music. So what i have done so far is set the DA1000 at the right level for my AV input and changed the music volume with Jriver using Jremote. The alternative could be to get another pair of AV front L/R speakers for my AV system but it is an option i would rather avoid, I don't know how I could control from JRiver the volume on SOtM us
  4. I use Jriver Media Player running on a PC to play music from a NAS drive to a SoTm sms 200 ultra using MPD/DLNA. My DAC is a TAD DA1000. For a while I assumed that i needed to set up Jriver correctly to play DSD files and I just couldn't figure out how to do it. After a lot of head scratching i started thinking that the problem might be with my DAC and that perhaps it cant decode DSD files. Yesterday i tried a few random tweaks and discovered that my system plays DSD files. if I choose mixer type = none in the MPD config page. Curiously, DSD files wouldn't play if I change the mixer type to so
  5. I discovered that I made a mistake in thinking that the Aries G2 has clock connectivity. Looking at it more closely it doesn't seem to be the case. Not sure why it doesn't thought! It is only the Vega G2 streaming DAC that has that feature 😞
  6. I have seen excellent and detailed reviews on this forum regarding the SoTM streamer and various power supplies, external clocks and switches that could improve the SQ. I have the SMS200 ultra and i am pretty happy with it but want to upgrade to get more out of my system. The EtherRegen switch and the Paul Hynes PSU are obvious bedfellows for the SoTM sms 200 Neo with an external clock which would be a fantastic combo. But reviews of other options such as the Auralic Aries G2 and Leo GX combo report impressive performance. What are people's impression here about the Auralic combo and how it co
  7. Am I right in thinking that Paul Hynes SR7 DR LPSU with two rails can power up to two devices? I have the SMS 200 neo, and plan to get the etherRegen switch. Which clock would you recommend if not the Mutec Ref10? Which of the three devices would mostly benefit from the SR7 PSU? What LPSU would you recommend for the third device?
  8. The UPTONE ETHERREGEN comes with 50 and 75 ohm clock inputs. Some of the clocks I've seen like the Mutec ref 10 outputs in both standards. Is one better than the other in some way? What should I consider when deciding which one to get?
  9. When making the Copper vs. Fiber comparison in austinpop's review, the diagram shows copper connection into the sNH-10G and out from the EtherRegen in both conditions, the difference being that in one case the two routers are connected with either copper (cat 6 cable) or optical cable, is that right? Would the better sound quality reported with connecting the switches via an optical connection due to the galvanic isolation? Would there be a benefit in running the audio on an optical network throughout and if so what components would be needed to achieve that?
  10. And how will an M.2 SSD drive compare with a HDD for music storage? HDD still the better option?
  11. Do the M.2 NVMe SSD drives also introduce noise into the system or are they better than standard SSD drives? Would an HDD still be a better choice in a NAS drive for Music?
  12. What are people thoughts about these tp-link converters?https://www.audiostream.com/content/electrically-isolate-your-networked-audio Has anyone here had the chance to try it and could feedback? Do people think this is a sensible way to improve sq?
  13. Many thanks AM. That's exciting! did you get your master clock new or second hand? My DAC or sms200 ultra don't have a clock input so I'm wondering whether getting a master clock with the switch would give me any benefits? In relation to the CAT7 cable with isolators, what improvements have you noticed due to using them? Sorry for the newbie question but are the other devices you're using have isolated cat ports and if they do, what's the benefit of having isolators on the CAT cables?
  14. Thanks AM. I am familiar with what the sotm switch does and I plan to listen as you sensibly suggested to come to my own conclusions. Could you explain how to hook the two switches up to get double the fun? And ,just out of curiosity, what clock do you use?
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