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Use HDMI out on convolver PC?


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First of all I can inform that I am new to this forum. I have been stock in the headless linux world for some years and have not tried Jriver ect.

Today i use a Linux based Convolver PC running Brutefir in stereo setup with 6 channels. I use RME 9632 with AO4S giving 6 analog channels that i connect to a 6 channel preamp.

So stereo Spdif in gives 2 times 3 channel analog stereo out of the headless linux PC, for my two 3 way speakers. I use Acourate software to generate the XO fir filters.

I would like to try to use the HDMI out of my PC (eventually a new one if required). Thereby i can use the D/A converters in my preamp and remove the D/A sound card from the PC which gives some noise in the signal.


My question is: How do I convolve and use HDMI out? Has anyone a setup to be inspired by?

I am willing to replace PC, operating system ect. to make it work so i can try it out. The alternative upgrade is to continue in the pro world with new internal(AES) and external gear. But it is pricy compaired to a PC/software upgrade.

Brg Erika

ASUS v. intel4790T ->Roon ->Acourate Convolver-> Lynx Hilo -> 2 x (Hypex NC500MB NC250MB NC100HF) -> Mundorf AMT di-pole + Scan speak 12MU + Scan speak 10" closed box 

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