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WiFi capabilities.

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My first post and am looking forward to growing and learning in the computer audio field.

My question is this. I have a WiFi modem in my home with 72 mbps speed. Is that capable of sending high rez music to my computer ? My computer is a PC laptop and I will use Jriver. My DAC is a Schiit Bifrost with all of the up grades. My PC only has two USB jacks, I want to avoid using USB from my ext hd because I'm going to use it going to my DAC.

I was told I could use my wifi to send music from my NAS hd to my computer. I don't think the person that told me this knows how large a DSD file is. Anyway, I'm hoping I can get a answer here. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in PC audio. I'm just getting started. Thanks in advance.

John Withem



JW Audio.


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Wifi: Theoretical bandwidth and actual bandwidth differ, sometimes greatly. You really aerent going to know until you try. There are external influences, other devices in your house, which channel your wifi is using and do your neighbors use the same channel, other traffic on your wired network, etc.


CAPS versus laptop: If it's a true CAPS implementation then chances are it will be better than your laptop, possibly noticeably better. However this is based on your system and the files you play. As usual YMMV.

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Digital Serious: DAS > CAPS v3 w/LPS (HQPlayer) Ethernet > SMS-100 NAA > Lampi DSD L4 G5 > EAR 834L

Digital Disc: Oppo BDP 95 > EAR 834L

Output: EAR 834L > Xilica XP4080 DSP > Odessey Stratos Mono Extreme > Legacy Aeris

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