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DAC/Pre w/ Volume and Balance Control (Remote)

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a DAC/Pre with Volume and Balance control with Remote Control. My budget is US$ 1k-2k (preferabley used).

My system: Oppo 980H>Ecosse 'The Producer'>Dacmagic>Ecosse 'The Master Reference'>CA 840A v2>Akron SSE>Jamo D590.

I am going to add a Logitech SB Duet and intend to sell my Dacmagic and 840 in order to buy a DAC/Pre + Power. Up to now the only DAC I have found with these prerequisites is the Cyrus DAC XP. Does anybody know this DAC or know another similar device?

Thanks a lot in advance

best regards



LDMS Minix Server>Lampizator TRP w/ VC>Gryphon Diablo>Heil Kithara

Cables: Douglas Cables 'Mirage'', (Power); Douglas Cables 'Mirage' (XLR); Douglas Cables "GLIA" (speaker cables & jumper); FTA Callisto (USB)

Accessories: Furutech GTX-D (G) with cover, MIT Z Duplex Super; Equitech Balanced Power, Sistrum (for Diablo & TRP)

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