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  1. only found out now about Alex passing away. really sorry to hear that. met him in several chats here. haven't been too much on CA (aka AS), but this brought up some nice memories. it's interesting how these things do matter. how audio brings people together and how this somehow actually is a true community, despite the mostly virtual nature of it. honestly hope you guys have been doing well, enjoying good music with a great system and healthy relationships.
  2. respectfully, I find that my experience tends to be the opposite: the better (more true-to-source) the combination of components the more the difference in cables will be heard/felt. however, I do agree that the type of cable that will "work" in the system will be very different.
  3. I understand that desire. It's something I also drift towards on my stereo system, which is still somewhat complex on the digital transport side. will give the auralic or the lumin a thought, but they are probably too clunky. thanks for the input.
  4. that Focal Clear seems like a very interesting option. will see if I can audition it around here. the Schiit gear is always interesting, so the Mjolnir might be worth taking a look at, too. I believe that Grado is on-ear, so that's out. thank you very much. this is a good direction.
  5. I've been looking there, but I am more familiar with this forum and thought that this might be a good move, since it would be the beginning of a crossover system. The budget is for everything. Preferably over ear. 👍
  6. I am looking for a shortlist of headphones and somewhat portable amp/dac to look at in order to make a final decision. This is for a friend who is not an audiophile, but is wanting to go in that direction in the future. Preferably, the DAC/Amp are on the portable side, but can also be used toward a future stereo system at his home. The sound preference is toward a balanced presentation. Detail retrieval should be stellar without being bright. Preference for a sound that is not dark. Can be on the slight side toward the warm side of neutral, but without compromising LF tautness and
  7. Hi @Sal1950 We've been down this road, haven't we? Please, just don't. Appreciate it. 👍🏼 Happy Valentines to you, too. 😘
  8. I heard that they are about to come out with an Android app. Crossing my fingers here.
  9. yeah, I saw that... but I also saw the 978 replies. 😆 I had the patience to go through the first REGEN at the time, but wading through this thread will be tough. that's why I asked you for your perceived differences. 😜
  10. Alex, What are your perceived differences between the REGEN and ISO REGEN? Asking for a friend. 😁
  11. In my experience, the inferior the server the more important the USB cable is. With the uptone the differences between cables were not in the same degree as before, although there were still definite differences.
  12. Apprecate it. I actually have seen very little comments on the 3.0 version so hence my questions. I was told that the preamp in the 3.0 received a significant overhaul so was just curious as to what the perceived differences are between the preamp in the 2.0 and 3.0.
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