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  1. Hi @Sal1950 We've been down this road, haven't we? Please, just don't. Appreciate it. 👍🏼 Happy Valentines to you, too. 😘
  2. I heard that they are about to come out with an Android app. Crossing my fingers here.
  3. yeah, I saw that... but I also saw the 978 replies. 😆 I had the patience to go through the first REGEN at the time, but wading through this thread will be tough. that's why I asked you for your perceived differences. 😜
  4. Alex, What are your perceived differences between the REGEN and ISO REGEN? Asking for a friend. 😁
  5. In my experience, the inferior the server the more important the USB cable is. With the uptone the differences between cables were not in the same degree as before, although there were still definite differences.
  6. Apprecate it. I actually have seen very little comments on the 3.0 version so hence my questions. I was told that the preamp in the 3.0 received a significant overhaul so was just curious as to what the perceived differences are between the preamp in the 2.0 and 3.0.
  7. thank you for the swift response. could you give me some more information on what changed from the sound of one preamp to the other? and also on your perceived differences on the DAC sound? thank you again.
  8. I currently have the 2.0 version and am seriously debating if I go in another direction or not. the fact that there is no DSD does bug me, since it complicates a possible resell in the future. I am wondering if any of you were able to test the preamp in it. Have you compared it to your current preamps? I am considering the option of going direct into the amp section. If any of you are coming from the 2.0 or know it well would you be able to elaborate your perceived differences? Has the UPNP implementation become more intuitive and stable? Thanks in advance
  9. oops, forgot to mention that. 750 Euro (app. US$850) for 1m. not cheap, but again, less than the cable it clearly surpassed.
  10. Just wanted to update you guys on my latest USB cable comparison: I compared the FTA Callisto USB cable to the Light Harmonic Lightspeed 10G and the entry-level Gekko USB cables in my system. The Gekko had replaced the Lightspeed in my system because of a more resolved and quiet midrange. Nonetheless, the LF and HF of the Lightspeed were better than the Gekko and I started to look for something that would have the best of both worlds. I had the opportunity to get to know this cable and can now say that I found what I was looking for. It did take a while though. The first cable I received was clearly inferior to both my cables and after a burn-in process I concluded that there either had to be a defect or it was simply plain bad. I reached out and they were extremely forthcoming in sending me a new one, trusting that I would compare both and send either one or both back, the latter in case it was not a defect. After receiving the second one I inserted it without any burn-in into the system and compared right away with the Lightspeed, since that was the one which would need to be surpassed on all levels to make it worth my while. Right from the start it was on par with the LS, which was very surprising, since all USB cables have benefited from burn-in here at home, which bode well for a future comparison. 150 + hours later I sat down to do the real comparison and here are my findings: much better LF than the LS. not only deeper, but more accurate and, at the same time, more natural. transient attack was on the same level, but now had a more real texture and body mids were far more resolved, more calm, settled and poised. I gained considerable depth, a little bit more even than with the Gekko, which had been its major selling point for me. texture was more refined and even tone was better. the whole sound picture was now more integrated and cohesive HF on the LS, which had always been unsurpassed, now sounded slightly smeared, more specifically in the HF bloom and decay of harmonics, which now were more natural and well-reproduced. Needless to say, that I won't be taking this out of my system, unless I find a worthy competitor. The Callisto definitely took away the itch and completely dethroned a cable that I have been using for almost 6 years. It is one level above any other USB cable I have had the chance to listen to in my system. Of course, ymmv, but I would strongly suggest anyone looking for a top-level USB cable to give this one a look. Hope this helps someone. I do know it won't help me sell my Lightspeed, but I'll find another use for it.
  11. wow. this has been busy. and actually an interesting read mostly being able to make it civil (though Sal really does need to learn some manners ;)) I am really tempted to enter this discussion, but I do believe, that, although fruitful, it is not part of the flow of this topic, although, honestly, helpful. And I do appreciate the tone with which it has been brought forward. All I will only mention on this thread on this particular topic is that some people are assuming certain epistemological premises that I doubt they apply coherently in other aspects of their life. There has to be a level of commensurability for us to be even able to communicate with one another, so there has to be a epistemological presupposition to make this even viable. Where we draw the line between that basis and what constitutes "nonsense" is an interesting discussion, but it at least opens the door for subjective experiences (a.k.a. "YMMV") to be possibly significant for other people. This is an initial answer to what I consider to be the most articulate view that has been brought forward as espoused by tmtomh, and I would be glad to elaborate this in a thread that has the objective to discuss this field. Would someone be willing to start that thread?
  12. Differences between cables diminished somewhat once I started using the REGEN in my setup, which is why I emphatically suggest people give it a try (I have no association with Uptone). still, the differences are there and it depends on how sensitive the person is to those changes to make messing with them worthwhile
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