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Any Teddy Pardo DAC owners here?

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Are there any Teddy Pardo DAC owners here? I am referring to his DAC with the aync USB module.


Any thoughts/opinions/reviews? What can you compare it to?


I currently have a CAPS > Meridian Direct DAC > NAIM XS2 > Dynaudio speakers setup.


My max. budget is between $1.5-2K. I have been considering the Arcam irDAC, Schitt Gungnir USB2, REGA DAC-R and Teddy Pardo DAC.

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I have the TeddyDAC with Async USB and I use Audirvana as a player.

In fact I have a complet Teddy Pardo solution.

All the TP products have the same target ; a soft sound with a lot of details without harshness.

Teddy Pardo offer 15 days to test.

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TeddyDAC is much better than any of the Arcams (r, air, ir), with or without the Teddy PSU. As it should be, at twice the cost. I've tried them all.



PC: custom Roon server with Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB card

Digital: Lampizator Horizon DAC

Amp: Dan D'Agostino Momentum Stereo

Speakers: Magcio M3

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