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Praising Linn's Kazoo


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Hey Guys!


Linn is known for software that lacks some features (thinking of Kinsky) and not very flexible, and also not the best in usability.


This time I decided to try the new control point for windows pc, the Kazoo.


I would like to praise Linn for making a very nice product.

It took me literally less that 3 minutes between start downloading the software and start playing songs!


I had the other pieces in place (nas server, minimserver running, and an ohMedia/linn player), but still I was very surprised by how quickly the software installed and how quickly it reads the server contents.



- very fast;

- looks clean;

- compatible with minimserver

- designed for touch screens, but very useful still on normal pc's (

- fast search

- like all good control points, if you close it, music keeps playing (local playlist management on the player).



- is not compatible with iOS 5/iPad "now-classical-almost-retro" one!

- sometimes lost connection, easy fix...

- search is limited for some standard fields, personalized metadata fields are not searchable



- Linn Kazoo is now my favourite (and fastest) control point on the pc.

- Lumin is still my favourite control point on iPAD 1.


Enjoy it!

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