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audio MIDI setup

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is it possible to stream or send a different audio signal from my mac mini to an aggreate device or multi-output device to my apple tv in another room ie TIDAL in my living room and send Qobuz or use the Beats Music channel on apple tv selections to my sound system in another room-the other room does not have airplay speakers its is an optical out to my avr and other room speakers?? if so how can i do this?

if i change from my speaker-schiit usb output/sonic audio output in Audio MIDI setup to Airplay the music stops in one room and plays in the other room with the apple tv.

i use amarra sQ from mac mini usb to gungnir schiit DAC rca to my avr.


also if i am am streamng Qobuz or TIDAL from my mac mini to my main system in my listening room and try to access the beats channel on apple tv in my family room to my sound system i get an error message 'try again later'. can i not do BOTH at the same time?? bobbmd

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