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Link(s) for noobs to set up a XP PC for but perfect playback

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Can someone point me to the right direction to set up a PC to play bit perfect PC. I am planning to set up an IBM Thinkpad T40p with Windows XP, connected via PCMCIA Firewire card to a Weiss DAC2. Desire software is MediaMonky since this is one of the audiophile "approved" players that is somewhat user friendly. Foobar scares me.


I don't ASIO from WASPI or whatever you call it so plesae be gentle. If there is step ny step checklist of things to do it would be excellent. e.g. driver install, etc....


I previously paid for and use OrangeCD, does anyone have any experience with OrangeCD player? Is it bit perfect? If not, can I use it to "call" MediaMonkey reliably.


Sorry I really am a bit lost, I want to be less loss when I pick up the Weiss DAC.




Macbook Pro/MacMini/dCS Debussy/Cambridge 650BD[br]Vitus Audio SS-010/Living Voice OBX-R2 Speakers/Ultrasone Edition 8 phones[br]Airport Express/Meridian AD88[br]

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