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Have Bluesound made a mistake chosing Toslink?

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I'm confused..


I thought Toshiba had stopped making 24/192 Toslink connectors


see this statement from my favourite DAC manufacturer (Benckmark) on their toslink input.. I quote:


"*Note: Effective with all orders shipped after 2/1/12, the optical input connectors (Toslink) of all Benchmark DACs will be limited to 24/96. In the past, the optical receivers would accept up to 24/192. However, Toshiba, maker of the Toslink connector, no longer will manufacture a connector with this capability. There are no other suppliers."


The whole purpose of Bluesound is to up the ante on Sonos and provide 24/192 capability, but it seems by chosing Toslink over Coax are they limiting the Bluesound Nodes compatibility with modern 24/192 DAC's??


Have the Bluesound audioengineers stuffed up here and chosen the wrong output?



New simplified setup: STEREO- Primary listening Area: Cullen Circuits Mod ZP90> Benchmark DAC1>RotelRKB250 Power amp>KEF Q Series. Secondary listening areas: 1/ QNAP 119P II(running MinimServer)>UPnP>Linn Majik DSI>Linn Majik 140's. 2/ (Source awaiting)>Invicta DAC>RotelRKB2100 Power amp>Rega's. Tertiary multiroom areas: Same QNAP>SMB>Sonos>Various. MULTICHANNEL- MacMini>A+(Standalone mode)>Exasound e28 >5.1 analog out>Yamaha Avantage Receiver>Pre-outs>Linn Chakra power amps>Linn Katan front and sides. Linn Trikan Centre. Velodyne SPL1000 Ultra

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