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New Prince on HD tracks

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Many thanks for this thread and the 2nd post! Just grabbed both and I'm really liking them.


The 3rdeyegirl album has that wonderful crankability that I love. It's a little gritty and compressed, but some of the most tasteful use I've heard in a while. It's not like Tom Petty's new CD (though the download is great) or David Bowie's Reality, which are too compressed to enjoy, IMO.


Still working through the other album, but I dig it so far. Very Prince!

Hackintosh W7/OSX 3570k/16GB > Audirvana+ > Metric Halo ULN-8 > Rythmik F12 and Butler Audio TDB 2250 > Magnepan 1.7 > 13.5'x26'x7.5' room, HK/Limage setup


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