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    Hi, does anyone know if Audiofile Engineering still exist? I have been contacting them with a query about Fidelia but I am getting no response for months. Thanks!
  2. great to see the box sets available as hi-res downloads. What an incredible output of music from Kate Bush. I have downloaded the Hounds of Love so far and looking forward to listening to it.
  3. http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list/year?artist=eurythmics&album=be+yourself+tonight Hi, does anyone know if the hi-res download remasters from Eurythmics are different for the one available with the vinyl or to purchase from websites as suggested on DR?
  4. tonyking

    HD Vinyl

    what resolution would this be equivalent to in digital? My understanding was that normal vinyl was equivalent to 96/24?
  5. I have always liked Jack White's music since the White Stripes and admired that the albums had good dynamic range. Now his new album Boarding House Reach has a DR of 7. I know the style of the music is more electronic but it just seems that it is another artist succumbing to the loudness war. I am now on the verge of giving up on Hi-Res downloads.
  6. Highresaudio states: Please Note: We offer this album in 96 kHz, 24-bit. The provided 192 kHz version was up-sampled and offers no audible value! Even the 96 kHz Version barely reaches a good enough spectrum.
  7. The box-set will be released as a hi-res download in 192 and 96khz. Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976) details - David Bowie Latest News
  8. [h=2]VINYLWILL SHIP TO YOU FROM JUNE 17TH[/h] Gatefold sleeve with silver foil detail cover The 11 track album on two heavyweight 12" vinyl records Card to redeem a 320kbit MP3 or 16-bit WAV download of the 11 track album when you receive the vinyl
  9. The 'mastered for iTunes' is DR6 and the 24bit WAV which they advise is not for smartphones is DR5[emoji2]
  10. Musically fantastic and it's great to have True Love Waits on record at last but the SQ is awful.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I opted for the 16bit FLAC from Qobuz[emoji6]
  12. Has anyone downloaded this from HDTracks and analysed the sound quality as there are conflicting readings on the DR database?
  13. http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/101862 Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the 'unmastered' download anywhere?
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