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Dynaudio and VW cc ...ipod and cd player comparison with HD sound

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I just purchased an VW CC with dynaudio optional system. I have been playing with my iPhone player connected for last week. I was surprised how much better music sounded playing CDs instead. I was shocked that the car audio has not caught on "doing it right" with file based music system. Playing music via iPhone (wire connected and not bluetooth) sounded distorted when lot of data was being processed.


What was even more amazing is that i was able to burn HD music on my blank cds. it sounded amazing. Additionally, i was able to burn GB of data as long as the music was under 80 minutes.


I don't have a CD player at home, but wonder if HD music on CD copy is better than playing HD music via USB async.

Music after life

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My VW GTI also has a Dynaudio music system, and for a car, it's pretty darn good.


I find that instead of either the iPhone connected to the built-in VW cable, or instead of CDs, I use SDHC cards, which insert right inside the player unit.


And on those SDHC cards, though, you're limited to MP3s. So, I convert copies of my main music system's ALAC files to the highest quality MP3 files, 320kpbs.


Each folder on an SDHC card is an album, titled like this: Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily (artist name or composer's name, and album title).


Several benefits here:


  • Yes, 320kpbs MP3s aren't the best digital music files, but are plenty good for the car.
  • And I can get over 200 albums on one 32GB SDHC card, the max size card for the Dynaudio system. Plus the SDHC cards need to be formatted for MS-DOS (FAT), which is easy to do on a Mac computer and I'm guessing easy on a Windows machine, too.
  • Plus, SDHC cards are inexpensive, so I just leave that large card in the car's system, and don't worry about it getting damaged by heat or cold, say.


Hope that helps.


Dave, who typically leaves the Dynaudio system on full shuffle which offers a pleasant randomness over the thousands of tracks on about 215 albums


Music is love, made audible.


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