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  1. Is there a iphone app for the Amazon HD music?
  2. I tried the cobalt and it’s very good for price but thin sounding compared to my Hugo ... but I guess not a fair comparison. I would be curious how it compares to the McIntosh ..
  3. Masters in electric engineering and a software engineer by profession with years of listening. Further, reading tons of reviews and attending audio shows. Finally, just listening...
  4. Tape , turntable and CD players are designed to play music unlike computer with hard drives and memory chips. For example, at one time the manufacturers made us believe that if we cache the data, then we can achieve bit perfect source. Caching data is still a storage and at it’s core, not optimized to deliver data in 44.1x frequency like CD players and Sacd at 88. Cache is a quick way to retrieve bit data, but music data to DAC needs to be delivered at precisely 44.1x not faster or slower. Hence, streaming and file based will never be as good as all the other sources at the same cost. Just like vinyl made a come back ... CD players are and will come back as a niche high end format . Consider this - Tapes to vinyl to cd/sacd to file based to streaming... there is a pattern and that is... quality is degrading and convenience/mass reproduction/format pricing is improving.
  5. Can you share your analog and digital equipment and cost? i have built both systems twice for the same cost. Vinyl had always been better with music from 1950s - 1980s. With today’s music I would say it’s a toss up... they both are good in different ways
  6. Thank you for this comment. I have been stating the same fact for years
  7. Good to hear CD/SACD player are still a top performing medium. Companies still continue to make CD/SACD transports because they realized the old CD players performed poorly because the DACs were poor. Now the engineers are slowly realizing that a solid CD/SACD transport and DAC are formidable sources.
  8. This is one the best reviews i have read. It's very detailed and love the comparisons. I think reviewers that shy away from comparisons are truly are not reviewing a product for their subscribers but doing it for the manufacturers. In this review you did an excellent job comparing and noting the best in each component. I wish other reviewers can take note - comparing does not mean one is better than other, but one is different from other, and we all as audiophiles have different tastes.
  9. Great article - You got to pay to play - the more you pay the more fun it is playing....that's life and everything else is just noise
  10. I would recommend to compare the new Hegel mohican CD player $5k.. Add a $1200 power cord and $500 isolation feet. Burn all discs on ultra disc gold CDs and watch the music unwind like a sweet vinyl sound with great dynamics. I am reveling a secret sauce here but i know it will not be tasted since its not a computer sourced system. I have tried the schitt yagadrasil, PS audio stream, Chord Qutest and finally the Innuos Zenith with new MSB discrete DAC. None of these are in the league of the Hegel mohican. Though i am sure the TT2/HMS must be excellent too. I am a fan of chord electronics - I do own the hugo DAC. I believe Chord have very distinctive sound - transparency and speed are they forte. It can be very seductive initially, but wear with time. Fluidity and liquidity (sorry best way to describe live music with two words :-)) is what are brains truly associated with live music.
  11. Hmmm... seems like my Astel and kern says Quboz is not available in my area. Anyone have the same restriction?
  12. I am planning to switch to Qobuz. I feel Tidal is to commercial and focuses more on Rap. I have nothing against Rap but i would not use 'Music' as the word to describe jazz & classic genre and Rap genre. I think they both are very different and we need another word in english dictionary to differentiate between songs that primary cater to visual entertainment and songs that are strictly for listening.
  13. I am surprised that we are still using 'bits is bits' logic to defend insignificance of digital source. Extracting bits from your 'digital storage' in a audio world requires a highly precision clock that is dependent on a solid power supply. The entire process from storage to digital conversion is highly dependent on precision clock in various steps. That is the reason sound quality differs from different digital transports. We are in year 2019 and bits is bits is archaic logic and audiophile style reviewers should not be surprised anymore by transports playing a key role in SQ. Bits is Bits is a marketing ploy and should be removed from audio vocabulary.
  14. Yes that should be all be everyones goal here regardless of what technology we use and what notions we have.
  15. I think people are thinking CD devices are inferior. But the problem is most cd players today use CD ROMS or SACD devices which degrades CD playing . Moreover, if you have a clock that handles several formats 44,96, DSD it degrades the clock for RBCD I just compared a new digital source and dac/preamp $12k to a Dedicated new CD player (it only plays CDs at 44 and nothing else) with separate preamp - $12k So my comparison here is primarily what you get for same price - The CD player was more musical. example - i do play the piano and very familiar with the sound - CD was much closer to the actual piano sound. The difference was not subtle but rather very signficant. I don't want to reveal the brands as i feel it will upset a lot of folks.
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