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Jethro Tull Aqualung 24/96 questions

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I am using DVD Audio Extractor on the Tull Aqualung DVD with the remixes et al..... ARGHHHH!!! Which title is which?


I clicked to download the metadata/track info but there was nothing. So...


1) Any help id'ing the titles?

2) Is there a way to make DVD AE look elsewhere for metadata?

3) Is there a better tool that DVD AE?


Man this is frustrating. I want to rip the 24/96 tracks to my home server where I listen to them via Foobar through my Benchmark DAC, direct to my VTL 300 Deluxe tube amps, out via my Focal 1028Be speakers.



Bruce in Philly

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Try open file instead of ripping DVD. You'll be opening file under My Computer and go to Video, click and then try metadata. The King Crimson DVDA's were like this. I'd rip and no info then type it in. Later someone let me in on the file instead.

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