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Hi-Res Download from Nonesuch? Yup!

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The new album of Steve Reich compositions is available as a 96/24 FLAC download at nonesuch.com for $15. Might not be the first time they've done this, but it's the first instance I can remember.


Haven't listened all the way through, but the title piece, "Radio Rewind," is quite pleasant to listen to, well performed (by Alarm Will Sound), well recorded (at Avatar), and seemingly very well mastered (by Bob Ludwig). The album also includes a new recording of "Electric Counterpoint" (which was written for and premiered by Pat Metheny in the late 1980s) by Jonny Greenwood, and a similarly constructed piece for solo piano.


Now here's hoping (against hope) that there will be a 96/24 download available when the new James Farm album drops next week.

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