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  1. DSD, probably never. The market is too small. It has been possible for several years to move hi-res PCM files to iOS devices using third-party apps such as Onkyo. It’s also been possible for several years to use a wired connection to an external DAC/amp to play back hi-res PCM files stored on an iOS device. Beginning with iOS 11, it is now possible to sync files up to 96/24 to iOS devices using iTunes. It’s possible that the 44.1/16 limit on AirPlay results in downsampling when played using the device’s internal DAC/amp. It is definitely true that Bluetooth connections are limited to 44.1/16. My experience with the Chord Poly and Mojo has been that Wi-Fi connections are also limited to 44.1/16 for files stored on the device. it is possible to play files stored on an external drive that creates its own Wi-Fi network (WD MyPassport Wireless Pro or equivalent) at native resolutions up to 196/24 PCM and DSD64 on a Poly/Mojo, using a third-party iOS app such as Glider to control playback. HTH. This is not intended as a Mojo/Poly ad, although I am a happy owner.
  2. you posted about the Noble Sage.  Do you own this IEM?  

  3. Has it occurred to you that you might not be typical of Tidal’s subscriber base, and that it may be giving the vast majority of its subscribers exactly what they want?
  4. HDT beating Amazon on price. Yes, you read that correctly. At least it was true on Friday.
  5. Have you listened to the Noble Sage? The company heard all the complaints about the Savant’s lack of bass, and fixed it.
  6. How strange that anyone would trust their ears over your pompous pontification. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll stick to my higher than Redbook resolution files.
  7. Chord Poly and NAS. Goth them both (advantages of saving shopping for myself for last). Went with a 16Tb WD MyCloud EX2.
  8. It took me approximately forever to set Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections between Poly and my iPhone 8, but now that that’s behind me, I am quite happy. Able to stream Tidal and my entire iTunes library (via Home Sharing) while at home. Will see what happens when I go back to the office on Wednesday.
  9. That’s all true, but when the Canyon 2 fire got within two miles of my house while I was 400 miles away, it validated the cloud decision AFAIC.
  10. I'm sure you meant to say "Tony Williams or Elvin Jones."
  11. Hoping the concierge at my hotel can find me a ticket to see Jonas Kaufman in Otello at the Royal Opera House on 7/6. Other than that, nothing on the schedule for now.
  12. The unlimited tier of Amazon Cloud Drive is going away, as i learned to my chagrin when I logged on this morning to upload some recently acquired music. The new pricing is $59.99 per terabyte. I did a quick price comparison vs. Amazon Glacier, and it looks like Cloud Drive is less expensive up to 3 TB, but once you cross that line you get hit for an entire additional terabyte. Glacier's pricing is by gigabyte ($0.004/GB), so it probably has a cost advantage between n.0 and n.5 TB. Curious to hear users' impressions of the Glacier interface.
  13. There have been Wi-Fi enabled, battery-powered hard drives available from Seagate and Western Digital for a few years. They work, sort of, but they have been hampered by bad apps and have been problematic to upload to. Might be worth taking a look to see if those problems have been addressed.
  14. Desert island piano recordings. No WTK selection from me; I prefer to hear it on harpsichord. Paul Lewis' Beethoven sonatas. Kovacevic' Diabelli Variations. Ingrid Fitter Chopin Etudes. Bavouzet's complete Debussy Anne-Marie McDermott Prokofiev Sonatas. Levit's "The People United." Last but surely not least, Marc-Andre Hamelin's 'In a State of Jazz." Worth it for the Gulda alone, but there's so much more. (and of course some Keith Jarrett. If I can only have one, I'll take "Rio.")
  15. There are a few things that everyone should have in their collections: Brandenburgs. St. Martin in the Fields is perfectly fine, but my preferred recording is the Munich Bach Orchestra, conducted by Karl Richter, originally released on Archiv in around 1970. Beethoven symphonies. I have three sets: BPO/von Karajan from the 1960s, Minnesota Orchestra/Vanska, and Manchester Camerata/Boyd. I probably listen to Minny most often. Would love to have a good period-instruments set. Carmen. I have the Horne/McCracken/Bernstein from the mid-1970s on vinyl, but I rarely listen to it these days. The Live from the Met DVD with Garanca and Alagna is superb, and Elina Garanca is without doubt the sexiest Carmen ever. The Rite of Spring and the Firebird. I have and always thoroughly enjoy the SFS/Tilson Thomas recordings on RCA. Bartok Concerto for Orchestra. The BPO/von Karajan recording introduced me to this music, and I still think it's my favorite, although I won't argue very much with those who prefer the Budapest Festival Orchestra/Fischer. That it's paired with Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta is gravy. I could go on like this for days. Maybe someday I will.
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