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mac mini stupid

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some questions probably answered elsewhere but i can''t find em.

does the mac mini rip a cd at 24/96

does the mac mini play those rip's back at 24/96

does the mac mini support 24/96 audio out via

a, firewire

b, usb

c, optical



so you can see where i'm going can't you, i want to rip a cd collection into my mac mini (which i haven't bought yet)

and then play them back at 24/96 via whatever lead into my dac.

i'm currently using an ibook with airport express but i know it only supports 16 bit playback, unless you experts know of a way to get 24/96 into and out of an ibook into a dac.




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Normal CD's are so called red book format, which is 16/44.1 - ripping to a higher bitrate and resolution may not result in better sound, but it will certainly give you much bigger file sizes. I suspect you'd need to rip and then upsample as a two stage job, but I really don't think there's much point.


You can play back a 16/44.1 cd rip at higher resolutions, up to 24/96 and sometimes higher. Just how high you can go will depend on your dac and connection as well as on the OS. Also any benefit in doing this will likewise depend on your dac / computer, and ultimately your own ears and preferences.


If you're playing back via itunes, the technique is to first set your desired output resolution in the Audio Midi application (in your utilities folder) then launch itunes, which will check Audio Midi settings on startup and resample anything it plays accordingly.


Airtunes to Airport Express is 16/44.1 only, doesn't go any higher in it's current incarnation.


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