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Low end DAC $150 or less with Klipsch Promedia 2.1

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I am new here, I found the forum while searching for computer audio information; pardon me jumping-in with a question from the get go.



I have a Dell desktop computer and would like to improve the quality of the sound I get while playing music. I just bought a set of klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers which are an improvement from the previous speakers I was using.



I do not need to use headphones at this computer, all I would do is play music through the speakers; my music library is mostly in FLAC format and some MP3s.



From everything I read it sounds like a DAC would be a better choice than an internal sound card (my computer has PCI Express ports).


The speaker manual says to use a Line In input as it would provide better quality audio than the speaker/headphone output.


I looked at the Cambridge DacMagic, it sounds like it would provide good sound quality, but I wonder if there is a better choice, I do not need the portability to use it with a laptop.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide, I work in the IT field and I am also a part time musician, but when it comes to computer audio I am totally green.







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