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Professional USB2 Audio-Interface, linear psu upgrade, help needed sir!

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Hello I have a SPL Crimson interface which I think sounds very full and fab. But the dynamics isn't quite there. Vocals sound a bit restrained and the sound is not quite as "open" as my friends Lavry DA11 DAC. Its like transients is not there in same way. Also the Stereofield seems a little bit smaller.




The SPL Crimson uses 12V DC/1,5A Mode PSU, Wall-mart type. When enabling 48v phantom power the sound dies out for a small amount of time (like a powersoak.). This got me thinking maybe the unit would benefit from a linear-type PSU?


I've read that linear psu's have somewhat better specs for transient response and ripple which is paramount for audio as you may know. But why not ship the SPL Crimson with a linear PSU from the beginning then? It it due to EU's strict power policies? (linear psu's is less effective as u know).

This question is relevant for all consumer gear I guess.


Otherwise it must be due to internal power regulations? It's specced like this:


Internal Power Supplies

Audio: +/-17V, Digital: +5V and +3,3V


Power Consumption

16,8 Watt


So it's doing something with the current inside. Regulating them to different Volts from the 12V input.


Would this type of construction even work with a Linear PSU?


P.S. Recommendations for high-quality linears (under 60 USD) is greatly appreciated.





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