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  1. Hello I have a SPL Crimson interface which I think sounds very full and fab. But the dynamics isn't quite there. Vocals sound a bit restrained and the sound is not quite as "open" as my friends Lavry DA11 DAC. Its like transients is not there in same way. Also the Stereofield seems a little bit smaller. The SPL Crimson uses 12V DC/1,5A Mode PSU, Wall-mart type. When enabling 48v phantom power the sound dies out for a small amount of time (like a powersoak.). This got me thinking maybe the unit would benefit from a linear-type PSU? I've read that linear psu's have somewhat better
  2. I'd like to understand in more theory but I see that you just go by "use what sounds best". That is what I might also do. Thank you.
  3. I appreciate your sugguestion! But It does not help me understand this. ;/
  4. Try to listen where the bass is most even in the room. In the middle of a room the bass always cuts out becuase of standing waves patterns... Use your ears and don't think "yourself" into producing music. Good luck young jedi!
  5. Clean power VS, shorter cable, vs SATA 2 drive (SATA 3 sucks I've heard)... which is most important?
  6. I have Z77 chipset, 2600k, Win2012, Everything is tight and optimized, with a USB3 PCI-E card, and just one Intel SSD. Feeding my DAC over USB (DAC has it's own power). Been changing from a Corsair hx750 and an corsair vx450w and listening to the difference. Even though the Vx450w is much less effective and older it sounds way more open and musical. The strong and muscular HX750 makes everything muddy and without snap. Am I just crazy? Ear-Fatique? Any others that have had the same experience? Monitoring: Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro. - The HX750 shall have lower amounts of ri
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