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AKG K-812 Audiophile Reference Headphone review

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I get from your review that you didn't hear the harsh treble that Tyll of innerfidelity heard? I like the 702s so am thinking of going for these in the future (when the price drops!).


Actually what I heard can be seen on the linked graph at the top - the second JPEG image. So it's an elevated treble all right, but I listened to those 2 tracks up and down, and also ran them past a few other people, who also agreed that the headphone was bright and the trumpet in the jazz tune was also bright, making for a very bright combination. But what we didn't hear was distortions that turned into a mess of noise. So I don't necessarily disagree with Innerfidelity's factual findings, but I think their opinion of how bad the results were might not hold up for people who are interested in the K812 and already know it's a headphone with a strong treble.


Edit: I got my K812 from Massdrop for $1200 USD.

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Strong treble is ok for me. How do they compare to the Shure 1840 ? I currently use them and love them ( another phone that innerfidelity didn't like


Very different from the 1840. The 1840 has a normal, non-exaggerated treble, and contrasted with the very bright K812, it's a different world.

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