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Aesthetix Romulus/Pandora--DSF playback on spdif inputs (via DoP)?

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Just checking if anyone that has either the Romulus or Pandora Signature (with DSD playback capability), and has successfully been able to play DSD files feeding the spdif inputs (via DoP of course)?


My Audiobyte Hydra X and Romulus Signature are not playing well together. With JRiver set to bitstream DSD via DoP, when a DSD file is selected for playback: the DSD light on the Hydra does not light up, I get no sound, and the front panel readout on the DAC says 176.4....


Interestingly, if I set JRiver to convert DSD files to pcm (doesn't matter what sample rate, 176 or 192), again I get no sound and the DAC's readout again says 176.4. Prior to sending the Romulus to Aesthetix for the Signature upgrade, such setup worked fine, I could have JRiver convert the DSD files to pcm and playback on the Romulus was fine...



I've also tried Audirvana as the playback software, and get the exact same results as above.


The Romulus plays DSD files perfectly via its USB input, but I'd like to at least be able to try the other setup..


Any thoughts will be most appreciated!



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