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DLNA issues in Jriver

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I am trying to play music thru jriver on one computer on my network thru jriver on another computer with DAC on my network using DLNA. I am not trying to share libraries and in fact prefer only 1 library for maintenance issues. I have the same library on each machine. This was only set up on XP machine as I presumed it would speed access up and cut down network traffic


PC 1: Media Center 19 on CAPS 1 Win 7 Server (Music only) user, with Media Network enabled. Called MusicServer

PC 2: Media Center 19 on an XP Computer on the Network. " . Called Dell 4200. A faster computer.


MediaNetwork enabled

Under Options DLNA Server, DLNA Renderer and DLNA Controller - all boxes, checked.

Under Client Options: Auto sync with server and Play Local File if one matches... were also checked


Also on Network are WDTV X 3, a Marantz DLNA enabled receiver, and a Samsung networked TV


Everything has been rebooted many times along with router (Airport Extreme about 5 years old)


Goal is to get the Dell 4200 to play music via the Musicservers DAC



I have presumed when controlling the DELL 4200 iteration of JRiver I would be able to see the MusicServer as a zone. Instead I see "Playing FROM MusicServer" at the bottom of the list of various zones. I presume this means I am using its library. No sound comes out of music server DAC.


Is this expected?


Does this explain why I can't get the Dell 4200 to play music via the MusicServer's DAC?


What to do?


I posted this on jriver a few days ago. So far no response..


Thanks in advance.

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