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At least philosophically, I prefer to keep DSD (dsf) files DSD and PCM files PCM. It seems that each conversion has an algorithm that has rounding in it…the more times your round "rounded" numbers, the more you depart from the original. The experts say the "best" way to convert from PCM to DSD, for example, is to record to analog (tape) and then back to DSD. Just saying what they say. Keep the DSD (dsf) files if you do convert…you may (will) want them later!



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Keep DSD files as long as posible as DSD, and PCM as PCM ...

Use on the fly conversion if needed, but do not change the "origingal" *) data - if possible.

At least this is may way of handling it, as usually one does not know what the future - and (as example) DAC manafacturers - will bring up next :-)

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