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FYI on powered speakers, ATC & Genelec.

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Thank you for your feedback on the ATC SCM25 A's and the Genelec's, various models. After interviewing a couple of people that love their ATC's I am going for this speaker. Music can never be heard boldly enough and this is just one step further along for me. Thank you.

HQ Player (#1) & Audrivana (#2) (wow! love the Apple w/music!!) .. these two software make my system "Amazing!", Purist USB- Benchmark DAC2 HGC (love it!), Purist Audio XLR , ATC SCM25A's (To Die For!) & Focal sub6 . Triode Power Cables with Uber Buss (Yes!) Also enjoy Audeze LCD3 w/"fat pipe cardas."

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