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Shipping Used Gear from Canada to USA - is there duty?

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I purchased a used piece of stereo gear from someone in Canada that was manufactured in So. Korea. (Allnic is the manufacturer). Is there duty assessed with the current laws? Dutycalculator.com said no. However, since the used gear is not manufactured in either USA or Canada, it could be assessed. Those that have shipped to the USA, used gear (amp was manufactured 9/2011)...what is your experience and how best to ship? Canadian Parcel Post Air, Fedex, UPS or others? I want to insure it for loss as insurance companies usually do not pay out to damaged used goods. I have had many packages (usually CD's that arrive very damaged), on set of speaker jumpers where the box was run over by a delivery truck vs fork lift. The jumpers were unscathed.


Appreciate any insight. I believe this will be useful for others in the future so I posted here.



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