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Help understanding SSD on CAPS

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Hi all,


In this quest for information regarding a CAPS build, I have a question that will be silly to some, maybe informative to others.


Why do I need the SSD if I attach an external/portable HD, or a NAS? Is the music selected loaded to the SSD and played from there somehow?


One more question: Will I be able to use all Jriver's functions including DSP? Sometimes I use the EQ and other features for specific music, but I want to take the laptop out of the picture somehow.


Thanks in advance for any reply, or advice. 95% of anything I've learned about computer audio, I got from this site within the last few months and I'm loving it!

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The SSD drive is intended as your boot drive, where the Operating system and the music application (i.e. JRiver) reside. You would use the external HD or NAS to hold your music collection.


As to the second question, I would imagine so, unless there are specific minimum computing requirements to use the DSP functions.

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