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Just Ordered my new Weiss DAC2 today.

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Congrats Stefano,

Way to go.


I am still setting my system. after the DAC2 upgrade.


Dont forget to download the free 2L 24/192 files after you have the serial number of the DAC2 (From the Weiss site). Also ordering the 24/192 HRx is a natural progression. Unless you already have this :)


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Yes of course i will post my impressions.

Now i have to decide the "transporter", i'm in doubt with a notebook PC with xp minimize at bone, or a mac mini, or power book.. mmmm i don't know... any suggestion?


Ciao Stefano.

[br]Lumin T1 - Transrotor Darkstar - McIntosh MA7000 - Synology NAS - Magnepan 1.7 - PS Audio P10 Power Plant.

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Dear all,


I just bought the latest DAC2 in Hong Kong last week. Totally impressed. However, I have some basic questions regarding DAC2.


I am using Vista 64-bit Home Premium in my PC. First of all, I have a confession to make. Vista sucks but it comes with the computer (HP TouchSmart IQ508) and there are no corresponding drivers for other components even if I elect to downgrade to Windows XP.


It appears drivers that come with DAC2 are not compatible with my 64-bit Vista PC. In particular:-


1. When using iTune 8, a song can only be played for about nine seconds and then the iTune will freeze.


2. There is a serious "POP" sound generate when switching the sampling rate. I am not sure whether this is harmful to the speaker in the long run. There also a very minor tick sound (every 10 seconds) which can be heard if you place your ear close to the speaker.


3. Vista takes control of and lock in the sampling rate. It means that even if Weiss is selected as the default sound device and the sampling rate is set at 44.1kHz at the midi setting panel of Vista, I cannot override the sampling setting on the Weiss panel.


For example, if I try to change the sampling rate on the Weiss panel to 192kHz, the DAC2 will automatically switch back to the Vista defaulted 44.1kHz when a song is played. At the same time, as discussed in paragraph 2 above, this automatic switching generates a loud "POP" sound when the pre-selected 192 is forcibly changed back to the Vista defaulted 44.1.


Currently, the DAC2 only manages to work with foobar at "Safemode 3" with "Buffer 3072". iTune 8 is out of the question at the moment. I believe the main culprit is the 64-bit Vista not the DAC2.


In this connection, do you know if there is a link for the corresponding Weiss driver for the 64 bit Vista?


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It looks to me like you do have 64 bit driver problems. This is probably the biggest failing of Vista for what you are trying to do. I can only suggest that you look at as many players as you can. iTunes isn't going to be workable for you on Windows. It is not highly rated in the sound category, but it does have a great looking interface, doesn't it? Try JRiver and Media Monkey. If that does not help you, come on back here and seek some more help. Though, to be honest, I don't think many people here are using 64bit versions of Windows at this point.


Best of Luck,

- markr

PS: I'd also suggest that you start a NEW thread about this. Your issue isn't really related to this one. While you have a Weiss DAC, your issue is probably 64 bit OS related.


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Yes start a new issue and for your problem i think should be better if you contact Daniel Weiss directly. He will support you directly.




Ciao Stefano.

[br]Lumin T1 - Transrotor Darkstar - McIntosh MA7000 - Synology NAS - Magnepan 1.7 - PS Audio P10 Power Plant.

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Great choice in the DAC2..just remember if you cant see the weiss contol panel or the driver isnt seen not only power off but REMOVE the power...this will then allow the driver to be recognised...I had a few issues and Daniel was going to amend the manual accordingly....good luck!


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