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96 khz sample rate into itunes on mac

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Hello all,


I am having a problem and y'all seem to be the ones to ask. I have a macbook pro, I have downloaded MAX, and I have a 24/96 recorded Chesky cd. I am having problems importing this cd into itunes at 24/96.

I have tried all the options I can think of. I can get a 24 bit 44 khz version, but nothing I try will get me a 96khz version. And help would be greatly appreciated. My dac is capable, and I know about the midi settings and playback hoops to jump through, but I can't get the 96khz sample rate into itunes in the first place.


Thank you,



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Unfortunately, there is a bug in Max 0.8.1 so converting FALC 24/96 recordings from HDtracks to Apple Lossless will not work. However, you have two choices. I have a version of Max compiled (that I use) with the changes I asked Stephen to promote to the SVN archive. If you send private message I can hook you up with that version and you can convert the 24/96 FLAC to ALAC 24/96 and you'll be all set.


One other options is to download XLD for Mac OS X here http://tmkk.hp.infoseek.co.jp/xld/index_e.html . This application will do the same thing as Max and some people prefer it to Max. Just make sure you check the output Sample Rate option for Apple Lossless to "Same as original". You should be all set.


Now the next thing you will want to do on the Mac is to open Audio Midi Setup and change the output settings for your current output device to 96khz 24 bits (if supported). You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much better the sound is.


Hope that helps.


Stuart - Feel free to email me with questions.


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A couple of things. . .


I can't tell if you really have 24/96 material or not. CDs are 16/44.1. Chesky will record in 24/96 but the physical disc (if it's a CD and not a DVD or SACD) is only 16/44.1. That could be your issue.


If you do have 24/96 material, you should be able to convert your files to AIFF using Max. I've had no issues converting HDTracks material to 24/96 AIFF on my Mac.


HTH. . .




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