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I would like to shop around for a used Mac Mini to be used exclusively for Computer Audio. I am completely new to Mac, and would like some direction about which model and specs to look for. I want to make sure that whatever Mini model I buy will not be missing something that I will regret later. thanks


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New Minis are surely not too far away (though many have been saying this for months). Depending on how soon you want one (although they're pretty cheap anyway) it could be worth waiting a while.


Also depends if you will be using your mini exclusively for music, or if you will have a few other applications. I know you mentioned you plan to use it for music only, but it's sort of hard to know with this type of device until you have one (or so I've found) because they have so many damn good uses!


I would advise to go for the 1.8Ghz (think it's the lower end current model) with some extra ram (not from apple - look for cheaper alternatives like crucial). Seems to handle most of what I throw at it pretty well (mine has 2Gb RAM).




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I'm not sure the G4 Mini has optical out, which is a pity as a late model would work well otherwise (I use a G4 Powerbook). When Apple introduces new models, it's always a good time to pick up a previous generation model cheap from one of their dealers. (Sorry, resellers - why does the computer industry have 'resellers' instead of dealers?)


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I've got an Intel Mini with a 320 Gig HD and 2 Gig of Ram, it may only be a 1.6 Gig dual core machine, but it runs as fast as my later Macbook Pro and isn't noticeably slower than my 2.4Gig iMac, so I'd recommend it to anyone.


It doesn't like EyeTV and it's the least robust for streaming video, but I have it connected to my 32" LCD Panasonic and operate it with a wireless mouse and keyboard or iPod Touch. I love it, the picture is superb too.




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I've used both versions of the Mac Mini, the G4 and the Intel version. The latter is currently used as a music server with an external Western Digital 500GB hard drive.


The new ones will be out shortly and many of us consider using the mini as a video source of sorts. I've run Netflix from the mini and it's pretty good on a 106" home theater. I know it would be much better if I get the new one to replace the Intel 1.6 Core Solo I use now.


The reason you should go with an intel mac mini is for the audio optical output. Using a glass toslink cable, I use the Sonicwave is going to be super quality. I have mine going into a Lavry DA-10 DAC and the results are just superb.


When you do get your mac mini, remember to go into applications folder and open the audio/midi software and set the output to 24 bit. It makes for a great quality output.


You really can't beat this for the money. And IMHO, it works fine for a really high quality audio system or just any combination of solid stuff.


www.macrumors.com has a recent story on the new rumored mac minis. They should be excellent not just for audio but for video (High Def).





intel mac mini 1.6 Core Solo via WD 500 GB - Lavry DA10 DAC - PS Audio GCP 200 Preamp - NHT x-D 2.1 & modified Sony SACD 777ES SACD all sitting on a fine tuned Grand Prix Audio Monaco stand.

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I was in the same position you are just a few months ago. I ended up getting a MacBook from the "refurbished" page at the Apple online store. As I too am only using it as a music server, I thought refurbished was the way to go and at a decent discount.


If they do not have a Mini now, keep checking the refurbished inventory changes very often.


Good Luck, John


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