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Which speaker to get for computer room?

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Hello, I have a computer room thats about 12 by 16. I listen to digital music and internet radio every night after work. I mainly listen to smooth jazz, new age and Hard Rock/Metal. I was looking at getting either the KRK RP 6 or 8s or I just read about the Yamaha HS80Ms. Any one have any of these speakers? I am tired of listening to my music through my 9 year old creativelab 5.1 set-up. Don't really want to spend more than $400 for a set. Is there really that much of a difference between the KRKs/Yamahas and say a old set of Onkyo or Polks that you can get from Best Buy? As you can tell I don't know the difference between good qualtiy and bad quality speakers. I just know my cap is $400 hopefully less.




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