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Devilsound with NADC372 and B&W 684's? vs keces da151

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Hi I've recently started building this sytem, have already hooked up NAD372 and B&W 684's, and so far been using a normal T/Y cable to go from single out to RCA in on my NAD integrated. It seems lackluster so far, but for now ive blown my budget but a DAC is necessary to get benefits out of my system. I have read good things about devilsound on the review here but general consensus seems to be limited on the internet. Additionally ofcourse as much as the tiny DAC seems like a miracle of miniaturization, i just cant see how they could possibly cram all that stuff into that tiny box. anyway, my question really being i want to get the devilsoun,d but in the same price range have also seen the keces da151, fubar II dac, and the kingrex ud-01. Theres some controversy about the keces unit apparently as some love it yet say its overpriced.


Now if i get the the Devilsound will i be seeing a difference in sound? secondly the review here said devilsound was better than the fubar on the reference system (not sure what was sued for the devilsound test), what about compared to the keces da151 since they're pretty much same price? please let me know thoughts on this, i guess it mainly comes down to devilsound vs keces


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The Super Pro USB Dac from Obad Imports (great guy to deal with) is a decent entry level dac similar to the fubar. A couple folks claimed it used better components than most lower level dacs, but I am not positive on a lot of that stuff. It's just over a hundred bucks and it has a nice set of connection options. Not sure how it would act with a higher level system, I just have Klipsch and Yamaha, but the guy that recommended it was in to Rotel, Monitor Audio, Bryston etc (If that makes any difference lol).


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