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  1. Iggy Pop - The Passenger!<br /> <br /> aside: I won't even listen to people that stutter.
  2. It's just some project where a group took out a bunch of the bloat (and some good parts unfortunately) to make win7 fit on a single cd. I think it's just called TinyWin7. They also had a TinyXP.
  3. You can get tiny win7 through unsavory ways. It fits on a normal cd.
  4. The costs of these recommendations are slowly creeping up lol. I just listen to 16/44.1 flacs and some mp3's so I will likely never get into upsampling, high res or any of that jazz. I just need usb to headphone amp, 1/4 inch headphone input, good build quality, good synergy with AKG K701, and something with enough power to let the akg open up a bit. It's always going to be plugged into my computer. I have the IBasso D2 boa here now if i ever wanted to ipod it up. I am just trying to stick around 500 bucks. The Burson is very appealing, but it's too pricey for just a headphone amp, for my budget. It isn't really an elastic budget
  5. I am down to the matrix or the Keces I think. I've heard very good things about Keces as well. Anyone have any experience with both of them? by any chance? lol.
  6. What drove you to get the Matrix? I guess I am just skeptical of the jack of all trades master of none that you see on a lot of overseas stuff.
  7. My only concern with the matrix is it seems to be a jack of all trades box that is geared more towards a dac than the the headphone part (which is still good according to some folks). I am a simple no tube, no high res music kind of guy so all of the balanced inputs etc are prob not needed. It's still very intriguing for the price. Keces DA-152 is about 500. Audio-gd FUN also looks interesting. You know much about it? http://www.pacificvalve.us/MatrixBalanced.html http://www.pacificvalve.us/AudiogdFUN.html
  8. Hi, I am currently using an IBasso D2 boa. It worked great with my old Sennheiser HD555. I recently bought some AKG K701 and I have a feeling they are not being driven to their fullest. I have to turn the volume to 3/4 almost to get a good volume. THe ibasso is more of a portable usbdac/amp, so I was thinking of something more stationary and synergystic with the akg's. I have been interested in the Keces DA-152 and that newfangled matrix dac. I am looking to spend around 400, not much higher, for a dac/amp in one. THe Keces looks very well made and great for usb to HP. I am also in Canada, which makes things a bit more difficult when evaluating the worth of ordering from china/us, etc.
  9. It's a shame so many audiophile sites move away from budget priced items for servers. I suppose the average age is likely higher among people here because the sheer cost of this hobby demands a certain level of income. Almost every server here talks about that lynx card in the computer which is typically double the price of the entire computer itself. The linux part intrigued me, but the glossing over on voyage linux wasn't very informative. I did enjoy seeing a bit more discussion on specific computer components used in the computer. The mobo looks very interesting, as a more functional alternative to that alix board that nyc speaks of all the time. <br /> <br /> I'm not sure why you feel the need to cater to the largely Mac/PC and ignore linux. It's not that much harder than some of the stuff people are asked to do in windows/mac with respect to music. It sounds like you enjoy using linux and are knowledgable about computers, so why would you not put up a few more linux articles and maybe bring in different folks to add to the websites base. My only two alternatives for sites are the audio asylum that caters to an extreme level of tweaking, and this site that talks more about the lynx/julia card combined with mac or pc (using a bloated software like jmedia, itunes, etc).
  10. IamKirk


    I want to use it as an ipod.
  11. I know you mentioned you didn't like used, but you can get varying degrees of used. Like i just picked up some AKG K701 off canuck for a great price because the K702 just came out, so people are trying to upgrade by selling their older ones (These had only 40h of use on them). Folks take very good care of headphones (Those that own a lot of them).
  12. Canada : canuckaudiomart.com US: audiogon.com Depending on where you are, these sites will give you the best product for the least money. Headphone folks typically buy a ton of headphones and need places to offload them to buy new/better ones. You can get some great deals if you buy from the right folks.
  13. What was experience like with Arch Linux? Was voyage selected because of the nycparamedic alix project?
  14. Can you expand any more on your linux OS experiences. I see Arch Linux there. How did you like it? I tried it once and got it all going, except it had trouble with mounting through fstab.
  15. High def tv's are sold in places like Futureshop, Bestbuy etc. How often would folks wander into a high quality audio dealer. Tv's are also able to easily prove their advancements in quality quickly (sit down and watch for a minute or two, or even in passing). Music takes a keen ear to even notice some changes. Music needs a lot more attention. I'd say at least lol.
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