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Linn Sneaky DS reviewed by PC Pro

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It's quite amusing to read a review of a HiFi product by a computer magazine for once.


Some quotes from the review:


* "Not a new concept but about to take off with audiophiles"

* "Undermined by truly awful control software"

* "[the software] not only looks ugly but is very basic"

* "this is a big disappointment"

* "not something we'd feel happy recommending"


Computer magazines obviously have higher expectations regarding interfaces and value for money.




I expect that oppositely, an HiFi mag would rave about the software and say it's cutting edge!!




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A pair of $8K/m MIT interconnects would make all the difference, and if you're using the Sneaky's amp, the $24K MIT speaker cables, only $3K/ft or ~$100/cm (!?), will be just the ticket; see the current issue of TAS for a review of both.


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Doesnt need the amp in it either. Could do with a simple VGA/HDMI out so you could view control without a PC in the loop.


Others manage it for a lot less and with storage thrown in.




Meridian 551 amp / Meridian 507 CD / Zune Mk1

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For what is worth my dealer sold their first Sneaky DS a couple of months ago and everyone there thought it bettered the $8500 Linn cd player in the line. Although it took them a week to get the software configured on the pc so it could run. In my opinion the fact that it bettered their cd player only gives more credence to computer based formats as the way forward when it comes to digital media.


ADM9.1s ,2.0 Ghz Mac Mini, Panasonic BD-35 blu-ray player.

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