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Ani DiFranco: Reprieve

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24/88 from HDtracks.


This album sounds *really* good. I've finally begun to appreciate what computer audio can offer. Until now, I thought that my computer/DAC source was roughly similar to my CDP (on redbook, at least). But this Ani DiFranco sounds terrific. The first track, "Hypnotize", is sonically as good as anything I've heard on my system. Previously, that title belonged to my vinyl copy of Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms". But this Ani DiFranco offers great resolution, relaxed musicality, terrific dynamics, s p a c i o u s soundstage, fabulous "bloom", (all just like a good vinyl pressing) *and* silent backgrounds (unlike vinyl). Very highly recommended!


Roon ROCK (Roon 1.7; NUC7i3) > Ayre QB-9 Twenty > Ayre AX-5 Twenty > Thiel CS2.4SE (crossovers rebuilt with Clarity CSA and Multicap RTX caps, Mills MRA-12 resistors; ERSE and Jantzen coils; Cardas binding posts and hookup wire); Cardas and OEM power cables, interconnects, and speaker cables

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