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Podcast Recommendation - The Vinyl Archivist vs. PBTHAL chez Concert Buddy



Just came across an interesting podcast about Patrick from California, aka the vinly.archivist (https://www.instagram.com/the.vinyl.archivist/ ) and also known as PBTHAL (the real or who knows …)

In a recent review / comparison of the newly published “Stop Making Sense” reissue from the Talking Heads, Darko.audio has digged into the qualities of “vinyl rips done right” comparing them to the digital sources readily available on the market of that mastering.
An interview with Patrick, the vinyl archivist, who owns the youtube channel @pbthal (https://www.youtube.com/@pbthal) was announced, however, until now it wasn’t published. (edit: see the Instagram info at the end)

Meanwhile, the Concert Buddie YT & Podcast (https://www.youtube.com/@ConcertBuddie) has published a very recent interview with the master of Vinyl Done Right through the Vinyl Community Podacst: https://vinylcommunitypodcasts.podbean.com/e/concert-buddie-mind-of-the-record-collector-patrick-pbthal/

In roughly an hour, Patrick speaks about his recent system for his living room (KEF R3, SCHIIT Vidar, and a Logitech Streamer), his weekly biking schedule and the history of PBTHAL and is own pathway to his record collection, telling some funny anecdotes and a bit about his alter ego as Vinyl Archivist.

I am not sure if his work is 100% legal in the US, EUROPE or elsewhere -  however his rips are highly regarded from the technical quality standpoint and as an excellent means of preservation (keywords: Universal Studio Fire). You may find loads of discussion about his work chez Reddit or Hoffman.
Personally, I would love to see his work be transferred to the Internet Archive, available for lending.

Just found the Darko Audio info on his Instagram (not a follower), tagged #pbthal, looks like it is coming soon …


So you have the full basket of options, including shying away from the information because PBTHAL’s oeuvre doesn’t suit your values.



Have a happy weekend – 2 all of you



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