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The new Airpulse A80 & Airpulse A300 pro




There had been members suggesting more reviews on active bookshelf speakers after the Airpulse
vs Kanto reviews and when Airpulse asked me about reviewing the new A80s I felt it would make sense
to report about them here in the forums.




Last  week I have received the fancy blue coated A80 active desktop speakers from Airpulse, they are the
smaller sibling of the already reviewed A100 and sell for 699 USD.
These two may have some smaller technical differences only, while using the same technical platform and
design idea of the Airpulse series, however their smaller footprint 140x220 mm makes a tangible difference
on my desk. And this color just makes me smile ... I'll test them during the coming 4 weeks, with some
measurements included. The details may be found in this thread here.



If I get lucky, I may have a pair of their new A300 pro active bookshelf monitors here as well before Xmas. I believe
they will make a nice pairing with iFi NEO iDSD DAC/Pre/HP amp with balanced outputs.

The A300 pro are the TOTL model in the Airpulse range for 1999 USD. They come with 130 watt Class D amplification per channel & can be driven wireless through the feed of the digital equipped active cabinet or hard wired via balanced or unbalanced inputs as both are active speakers.



In principle they should have the best performance of the line, however they aren't any more desktop speakers and will substitute for a while the B&W 805s on the speaker stands in the main system.

More to come ...
cheers, Tom


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