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Confessions of a DigiPhile II

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WHY digital?


So I am GOING ALL IN as a DigiPhile.

I am setting out with a set of rules:


My dogma:?

NO half measures?

NO gradual upgrades?

NO tweaking of hardware?

NO regrets


But why, oh why would I go digital?

What has changed so significantly?


Well, my dream has always been to get my rig to sound as good as the best live venues.

Little can compete with a live session at the Danish Radio’s old studios near by. Particularly when they do not use any amplification.


Ideally I need:


- Music in studio master quality

- A rig that can reproduce the music as true to the master as possible.

- A music room with perfect acoustics.


I know that the perfect acoustics is going to be a problem, put I will do my best. This is where I will allow myself to tweak and spend extra money.

That said, I will choose a rig that can adapt it’s EQ to compensate for the lack of perfect acoustics.


It seems that digital has teamed up against my analogue heart and offers a whole range of new advantages:


- Music in near studio master quality readily available for download.

- Quality D/A is cheap enough for one D/A per transducer in surround.

- Digital X-over is now available and far better than passive X-over.

- DSP has become cheaper and offer near lossless room correction.

- Quadraphonic (and/or 5.1) is back and only available as digital.

- Science will replace guessing or hoping in getting desired sound.

- I can finally get the Brüel & Kjær house frequency response curve.


WOW, no wonder I am going down the route of digital!


I want all this without loosing anything that my analogue rig offers.


Find my blog: “Confessions of a DigiPhile” at http://www.computeraudiophile.com/blogs/7638-DigiPete

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Hi Pete.




Based on your photos, it looks like you have your speakers in a confined space. Not sure if you can (or should) move them away from the walls. Anyway, be careful they might BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF LOL.... steve

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