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  1. @bobfaThanks so much for the informative review. Hope you have a lot of fun with the FIVE17's. It's so refreshing to see home audio catching up to Pro-audio, and adding much needed features on top. More inputs, loudness settings for lower SPL, WAF, full frequency response etc. On top, Heavenly Soundworks even offers us info on off Axis Frequency Response etc. Kudos! PS. I'm known for favouring Pro-audio and specifically Genelec's co-axial SAM series, as it does better for less. However, I'm not blind for the challenges a typical home audio user faces with incorporating
  2. Happy to hear Kev! You have indeed chosen a very competent and long lived rig. And the Genelec 8030C's will even liven up a reasonable sized living room should you get the need. Happy foot tapping from Copenhagen 😊
  3. Kev, I'd love to hear if you got your new gear installed and if you have any comments or questions. Note that Genelecs have DIP swiches to tailor sound to your monitor placement. Should be a great setup!
  4. Merry Christmas to all fellow music lovers and audiophiles. My forum attendance may have been somewhat spotty the last years, but it's comforting that I can always come here for inspiration and fun. I got (myself) a small balanced bluetooth DAC toy. A Kali Audio MV-BT. Nothing high end, but a good little addition to my Genelec setup(s). It is an easy gateway for everybody at events to feed music to active monitors. Big fat knob, volume indicator light and easy pairing. Merry Christmas to all!!!
  5. Re. Genelec Sorry I missed the post. I recently needed I setup for my boat - so I went with a Genelec entry system: 2 x 8010 + 7040 Sub and a Motu M4 Dac. It's very good bang for the buck and plays beautifully if you can place the sub in line with the monitors. I ordered 8010 in white for estetics, even if a little more expensive . . . All in all a highly recommended entry system!!! The 8010/7040 combination only costs slightly more than a set of 8030's and plays down to 30hz with authority. Motu M2 and M4 are great little DAC's sporting the same ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DA
  6. What a beautiful home, and so way ahead of time (1934). I'm sure FLW's influence has been felt around the world, and heavily influenced Scandinavian furniture and architecture design. I grew up in a similar house in the 1970's, except we had all white walls with art. I'm sure it shaped my appreciation for simplicity 😃
  7. Thanks I see everything is mostly as I left it 😂 Except DSP room compensation seems to be slightly more accepted. 😉 Oh, and ESS Sabre lost its hump - yay. (Thus Motu M4 for me . . ) And Lisa Ekdahl is playing "Stranger On Earth"
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I beg to differ or at least expand the perspective. Genelecs have been designed exclusively according to function: to give the best sound for the size and money spent. You may have them in black, white or raw aluminium, but that's it. Period! Shape, topology and materials are dictated by physics and available production techniques. Much like a large bridge, where you can follow the flow of forces in the construction. I'm from the Nordics, and our design language appreciates the stylistically simple and that shape follows function. Thus I often
  9. Nice setup, Chris! Share & enjoy!!! I fully appreciate the down-sizing effort, as I just went through almost the same. Planning to spend extended time on my boat, a decent setup was needed. So I cut as hard as a Genelec fanboy can: smallest balanced monitors (8010 in white) and smallest sub available (7040). A Motu M4 sporting the ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC to feed it all beautifully. No DSP (perhaps in SW), HD - Mac - soundcard - sub - monitors only. Conclusion: Good sound all the way down to 30hz Low energy consumption, as all class D Small - fits the space "Che
  10. Anyone know where DigiPete went? I'm curious about his take on the B&W Formation speakers... Active, finally, just like DigiPete said they should do with an 800 series Diamond to make it more competitive with a Genelec 8260.

  11. You've ruined me: All I want is a flat coincident coaxial three way speaker that gets into the 20hz region without port chuffing... And the Elac Navis just can't cut it without a sub, and neither can the Kef stuff. Drivers are too small and the ports are too skinny. Time to save $10k+ for a Genelec 8260 setup and calibration kit. Who needs a down payment on a house anyway?

  12. Thanks Chris @The Computer Audiophile, glad you enjoyed our little showcase for a happy sustainable way of living. Dynaudio is a nice little export, but I lack intelligent use of DSP for room compensation. Dynaudio actually recruited Jan Abildgaard Pedersen as CTO but I fear they didn't let him spread his wings. AES past president and responsible for many patents in the digital / DSP area. Dynaudio recently lost him to Amazon - Audio Hardware Technology. :-( Some nice key deliveries: Bang & Olufsen - ABC room correction for Beolab 5 Bang & Olufsen - ICEpower L
  13. I wholly recommend the SAM™ Coaxial Studio Monitors to serious audiophiles. They offer more bang for the buck than anything else I have found. On top of everything, the 8351 and 8260 offer unprecedented imaging through the use of the MDC™ driver (Minimum Diffraction Coaxial). Read this short blog for a more in depth analysis of why you get true high-end at upper mid-fi prices.Genelec - What is the rave about? I've had my Genelec 8260 5.1 surround rig for 5 years, so I know most of the quirks and benefits of SAMs and going 100% digital. Feel free to ask specific questions.
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