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Confessions of a DigiPhile I

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I love music - both immersing myself and loosing track of time and also as a sound-scape to my everyday life.


I think of myself as a hard core puritan analogue audiophile.

Well, that is until recent!

DigiPhile would be a better description now.


My youth was spent creating music and other art as well as enjoying concerts and my ever evolving stereo system.

Cassette -> 2 track -> consumer record player -> audiophile-ish record player (Thorens TD 321, Mørch UP-4 arm, Ortofon MC2000 pickup, Ortofon T2000 step-up).

I hit the point of diminishing return of further investment and concentrated on enjoying the music.


CD's crept in some 10 years ago, but the sound never could compete with my analogue rig.

Then I discovered that my iPhone could play CD quality, and suddenly my entire CD collection found it's way to iTunes on my MAC.

iTunes spontaneously started to feed my rig wirelessly through the AirPort.

I hardly did anything, it just sort of crept in.


A year ago I had to face that I too had slipped into digital music.

32 weeks ago I found CA and decided to GO ALL INN.


This blog is going to tell my DigiPhile story.

I am a Technology Strategist, so I'll use my abilities to GO ALL INN to get the best in my spending range from the get go.


My dogma:

NO half measures

NO gradual upgrades

NO tweaking of hardware

NO regrets


My analogue rig has been up to par for 20 years.

I'll aim for the same with my DigiPhile rig.


Stay tuned: T minus 5, all systems are GO!


Find my blog: “Confessions of a DigiPhile” at http://www.computeraudiophile.com/blogs/7638-DigiPete

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Recommended Comments

build it all up again. Aim for a the right technology and the right topology.




Thanks Chris.




I do not know what I would do without this community.


The information, the passion, the personalities - it stirs my creativity.


I hope I can contribute with a different approach, and stir somebody else's creativity.

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I've just discovered your blog, it'd be interesting if you can share with us the different loudspeakers you owned prior to the Genelecs. Where can I see some pics of your system?

Have you compared your system to some of the megabuck loudspeakers such as Magico, YG, Raidho, TAD, Vivid etc?

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I've hade a fine analogue rig for the last 20 years:


Thorens TD 321, Mørch UP-4 arm, Ortofon MC2000 pickup, Ortofon T2000 step-up

Rega Elex purist amp upgraded to linear pot

Rega speaker cables

Satellite speakers + Sub - home buld.

1" soft dome + 3 1/2" mid SEAS units in very well damped closed cabinet

2 x 10" Coral in 80L Sub reflex cabinet.


Getting value

I have auditioned large brand upper mid-fi equipment such as B&W 800 Diamond with Classe as it is easily available.

They were all shit. That sound shouldn't cost more than 25% of the asking price.


The Steinway Lyngdorf Model S is the only std. audiophile product that I have found to provides bang for the buck.

Entry price for a digital input stereo amp (4 channels)/speaker/dual Sub setup is USD 25.000, so it's not a free ride.


And while the SL Model S sounds absolutely fantastic, the Genelec 8260 is so close with more brute force @ half the cost.

Pro equipment has the upper hand (if you go for sound quality rather than bling), and most audiophile manufacturers should be left to die IMHO.


Beat me!



PS. If you are broke, you can still get bang for the buck with pro active speakers and active sub starting at USD 1000!


PPS. I am set for the next 20 years, so it may be a long wait if you want me to audition the 8260's against something else.

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