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hopefully a quick question. I currently use my 17.1 inch laptop/Portable HD drive connected to my CD/DAC etc. It sounds great but is a bit of an eyesore - hangs off edge of hifi stand. Is there any reason why I couldn't achieve the same set up with the external HD drive going into an Android Tablet and then DAC rather than using a laptop? I assume that it's possible to load JRiver for example on a tablet. It just sounds like a neater option. Equally, when listenting on my own I could use the laptop as the source but use the tablet as a nice remote using JRiver/Gizmo app.


cheers Jamie


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I don't think any of the players will run under Android. And they keep introducing a new version every few milliseconds (I exaggerate).


Because of the reasons you state, I was tempted to buy a tablet. Acer do a particularly nice Windows one called the W500. It comes with a dock (depending on where you buy it is sometimes an extra cost option) that is a fine keyboard as well. So you get the best of both worlds.


But it is quite expensive. I was going to use my regular machine as the player and drive it from the tablet, but I believe, though I have not fully investigated, that I would need to install Windows Professional on the main machine. So in the end I decided not to bother. But it is a nice solution.


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I use GIZMO now on my HTC phone and too be honest I don't think its very good. It crashes frequently and I aot keen on the Theatre View. But the basic browse and command functions work fine - crashes aside! I was thinking more about tidying up the look of the system by having a more stylish/smaller computer source.


cheers Jamie


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