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Problem - What is Amarra Trying to Tell Me?


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When I have attempted to play tracks of certain classcical albums, the volume slider on the Mini Panel will go to 0db, while the slider on the iTunes window remains at full volume. The track will not give voice although it is running. This occurs only when the player is in the Amarra Mode. The tracks will play in iTunes as source or in the the Playlist Mode. These tracks are not gapless.


Even if I drag the Mini Volume slider back to full volume point, it still won't play voice the track, although I can hear it as I slide it. If I try click on the Ammara button on the panel it will click immediately back to the iTunes Mode.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on. Would appreciate.


BTW, the same tracks in question play without a hitch in Pure Music.





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Hi Alex,


I had the same problem.... I purchased Amarra mini a couple of days ago and discovered the issue yesterday. I wish I ran into issues during the trial period but I hadn't...


It seems that the Amarra has problems if a name of the actual music file contains certain character(s). So far, I have identified that quotation mark(s) " in the name of the music file seem to halt the playback. When I removed the quotation marks from the name of the file, it played without a problem.


Also, FAQ in Sonic Studio's website indicates as a known issue that "There are still some issues with long ?le names not playing as expected."


I am not sure if there are any other issues that prevents Amarra from playing a music file. I hope not... I already have several hundred CDs (mostly classical) ripped and I would need to review and fix the file names...what a pain...


All such files can be played through iTunes, BitPerfect, PureMusic and Audirvana Plus without any issues.


Frankly speaking, I am very disappointed and I think this kind of problem is unacceptable especially given the very high price of the product relative to its competitors. I think an application should be able to play all music files with file name that an OS allows them to be named.


I will be contacting Sonic Studios... I hope everyone else who encounter the similar problems would so that Sonic Studios will fix this problem sooner rather than later.







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