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"Photos" of PureMusic 1.82 "windows" on Mac?

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You know how some people submit "photos" of spectrographs from Audacity for forum members to analyze, as well as "windows" from PC's and Macs for instructional purposes?

I'm wondering if anyone could share some "photos" from PureMusic 1.82 on Mac with iTunes? I'm wondering what the "control panel" looks like, and I was wondering if the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) logo appears on the control panel? Also, I was wondering about something else: speaking of iTunes, when you bring up the "windows" that show bit rate (16-bit, 24-bit, etc.), sampling frequency (44.1000, 192.00, etc.) and other technical data for any given album -- are there specialized "windows" for that kind of stuff for PureMusic 1.82? If so, please share those, too.

I will be purchasing PureMusic 1.82 in January.


Thanks for your help.


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