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iPod vs Zune


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Please help, Im an audiophile who wants to take music on the go. I currently listen to tubes at home and am looking into my first mp3 player. At this point I'm not looking into connecting it to my home system, but who knows in the future???


Now for the problem. I have found only a handful of current reviews/comparisons of the newest generation players. I'm looking at the 120gb Zune vs iPod Classic. On paper, they're pretty similar. I like the Itunes interface better than the Zune's, but sound quality is a bigger concern. It seems there is a larger following of iPod's but is that due to a status symbol thing, the fact that they have been out longer, or truly better?


On a side note, does lossless really make a noticeable difference over ACC 192 when just listening on the go?


Please help and thanks in advance.


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I think most agree that iTunes is the best media player for a myriad of reasons and the iPod touch is a great deal more than just an on the go PMP. I've no idea who might think it a status symbol and wouldn't consider that relevant, what's far more important is all that it can do. It's actually a very versatile personal computer and part of the Apple home media system.


I recommend that you go to www.apple.com/store and learn all about it.


Don't forget that it will also control itunes so that if you choose to stream movies, music, TV programs etc via an Apple TV or just music via an Airport Express, you have one of the best control handsets you've ever seen.


Never think of Apple as one product because it isn't, it's a comprehensive home media system, probably the best at the moment, and your iPod is simply the beginning.


Incidentally the latest upgrade to Apple TV now enables it to stream to other computers and Airport Express.


IMO 192k will be virtually indistinguishable from a full file on a serious high end system.




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Hi PMDCMatt,


If sound quality is your major concern I would suggest you try and get a listen to the Creative Mosaic range. A quick trawl around the forums and various on-line review sources should give you a good idea of where people think it performs in comparison to the iPod. I have heard both and for sound quality the Creative wins by a country mile. The big but is that iTunes is such a good piece of software for overall control of your iPod that it may be hard to justify the Creative on quality alone. If you're happy to manage what's on the Creative by simply dragging and dropping then it's no contest, imho :)


Hope this helps.


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I am a very happy Zune user. The kit is very reliable and well thought out. The free firmware updates that come out several times a year add more and more functionality that makes it feel like a newer machine everytime. It also doesnt scratch to hell and back within minutes of being out of the box.


The headphones are very good quality, the FM RDS radio works wonders and most importantly of all -


The sound quality is the best I've heard from all the mobile players I've owned (Apple/Creative/Archos). I've taken the different approach of ripping all my tunes in WMA Pro 192k and I'm glad I've found the format I can enjoy and settle down with.


The software that comes with it is very nice too (nicely uncluttered and doesnt look like a large grey spreadsheet). The $15 a month 'all you can eat' ZunePass subscription is very cool as well.


Video playback looks very good too. And it makes a good conversation piece as you have something quite different to everyone else.


I would give the Zune a try at least. However, I'm sure you'll cave in to peer pressure, so enjoy whichever iPod you purchase, lol!


Think different.....buy a Zune!







Meridian 551 amp / Meridian 507 CD / Zune Mk1

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