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Personal Interest Courses in Audio


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I retire from the Army soon. Coming up 60 I will not be looking for a second career, so the resettlement training cash is available for a bit of fun. I would like to do a cycle maintenance course, but will still have some credit. Are there any short courses in audio/music tech. that I might consider.


I am interested in the digital replay chain, but it would be quite interesting to see how recordings are made. I would not enjoy listening to rock-pop-noisy stuff!


Any suggestions for up to a week's education in the United Kingdom?



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Are you talking along the lines of music production - making it - or the electronics playing it back ?

If it's the first there are a huge number of courses out there and a copy of SoundonSound magazine will contain a number of those; www.pointblanklondon.com would be a good place to start.


I'm not sure I've seen any courses relating to the playback equipment / or electronics behind it. I think that'd take much longer than a week to learn (the above too) but maybe someone else on these forums will know different.




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