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mediamonkey output plugin


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Comparing audio playback from different software and output plugin setting is hyghly subgestives but.


I'm pretty sure that my mediamonkey output could be improved. I now have DirectSound output and waveOut v2.0.2a options and they both sound the same, good but I think... that Itunes gives me little more definition.

I'v been told that the kernel streaming out_ks363 plugin could be better but mediamonkey crashes all the time with it. I wonder if someone else had this problem before. Even M.Audio Tech Support told me it should work.


maybe there's something wrong with XP SP3 ??

thanks for sharing



windows XP Pro, 2002, SP 3, Celeron ® CPU 2.ooGHz

2.00Ghz, 1,00 Go RAM.

Sound card M.audio audiophile 24/96


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