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Shunyata Denali 6000S V2 in Black

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Shunyata Denali 6000S V2 in Black

Current model Denali 6000S V2 Power Distributor in excellent condition. Second owner but purchased from a dealer. Ad is for the Denali only which will be outfitted with the standard SSF-38 footers. The Stillpoints Ultra SS mounted to the unit in the photos are not included in the asking price, but can be if we arrange a package deal. Shunyata’s Caelin Gabriel stated (Audioshark Forum) the design of the Denali was such that it benefits from isolation rather than coupling. I mounted the Ultras as the rest of my gear was isolated on Stillpoints already. The results were so good I never bothered to put the SSF back in to compare, so I can’t quantify how much better the Ultras are or if they are at all with Denali. Stillpoints made remarkable improvements on everything I’ve tried them under in my system though. What I can say without any doubt is; this is truly a “Reference” level component. With Shunyata’s Sigma XC power cord it will really shine. There just happens to be one listed here for 2k. (No affiliation to that seller, but for the price of a new Denali, you could have a gently used one AND a Sigma XC powering it) The Omega XC power cable will take it to another previously unimaginable level altogether. There is plenty of information readily available online for this model in the form of reviews and user comments on various forums. It contains Shunyata’s QR/BB module which delivers extra power instantaneously when required. Each of the 6 outlets is isolated and filtered. Shunyata believes most of the noise associated with power is not from the line coming into your house, but from the components themselves. The Denali has CCI filtering (Component to Component Isolation) to prevent noise from one power supply in your system from affecting the others. Has a GP/NR (ground plane noise reduction) lug to further reduce noise. Connecting components to the ground lug with even DIY cables can have resounding effects. That’s another topic entirely but the Denali allows you to go in that direction. Do some research on it and see for yourself what everyone thinks of these. In my system it was so good I couldn’t believe it. But many voices of those I trust claim the Everest is better still, so I’m going for one of those. How much better I can’t say because mine hasn’t arrived yet. 

$4050 payable by PayPal F&F (Plus fees $145 if G&S) or other payment methods can be discussed. Free UPS insured shipping to the continental US in the original packaging at asking price. Shipping charges to be negotiated otherwise. A new Denali v2 is $6k and a new Sigma XC is $3250. You could have them both here for $6050 total saving more than $3k. Get yourself a present too! 

Thanks for looking and please send any questions you might have. Additional photos could be posted after the unit is removed from service if necessary. Unit is listed on other outlets as well. (100% positive feedback on USAM and Audiogon under same username) 


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